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Club Safe provides both the resources and expertise in the area of Early Identification of problematic gambling behaviour so as to minimise the risk and harm it can cause.

By forming relationships and developing networks within SA’s problem gambling industry, Club Safe Officers are able to provide an holistic approach that benefits both the patrons visiting the Clubs and the conscientious staff who are responsible for observing, identifying and interacting with their patrons.

Club Safe Officers visit licensed Clubs on a regular basis, and are available all hours, 7 days a week to ensure our industry staff feel safe and confident in assisting patrons who may be struggling with their gambling.

Free and confidential Gambling Help Services (GHS) which are funded by both industry and government are available to

  • A person concerned about their own gambling

  • Concerned others

  • Gaming staff

​Face to face counselling is available.  Office hours, Mon-Fri 9am-5pm, 24 hours 7days a week via the Gambling Helpline 1800 858 858 and also at

Some services also provide free financial counselling.

For more information can be found here

Problem Gambling SA

The Liquor and Gambling Commissioner must be notified of the employment of all new Gaming Employees and Gaming Managers via BOEN (Barring Online Employee Notification system)  and are required to undergo training within 3 months, followed by bi-ennial refresher training.

Club Safe Officers, Tracey Cochrane and Giselle Berriman, are both qualified and experienced trainers and deliver these mandatory training courses.  It is vital that clubs ensure they are compliant by uploading all training certificates onto BOEN.  Courses include:

  • Basic Gaming

  • Advanced Gaming for Gaming Managers

  • Further Advanced Gaming for Gaming Employees and Gaming Managers


Advanced Gaming attendees will meet with counsellors and support workers from the Gambling Help Services, allowing for open discussion and familiar points of contact for advice and referral.  A speaker from the Lived Experience program also provides a very human element to the training.

Information on the Responsible Gambling Training and other hospitality courses can be found here

There are a number of ways for gaming staff to provide support for a person seeking to be barred from a venue. 

All staff are trained to assist patrons seeking exclusion options.  They can assist with memorandums, voluntary self-exclusion or other options to suit the individual.

The staff are also able to directly contact or refer the person to a GHS for counselling support.  

Club Safe Officers are available to assist gaming staff through the process to ensure they are also supported because at times situations are both stressful and emotional for both parties.

Please contact your local club whose trained staff can assist you if you require information or help

The expectations of a Gaming Club in relation to compliance, regulations and legislation is extensive, and at times can be overwhelming. 

Club Safe Officers provide the necessary documentation and support to ensure participating South Australian Clubs meet these legislative requirements by conducting formal bi-annual  regulatory audits, regular informative updates and regular onsite visits.

All required documentation can be found here.

SA gaming clubs have a legislative requirement to report to both Club Safe and CBS on  a quarterly basis.

Club Safe Officers provide continual training, guidance and support to club gaming staff to ensure they are approaching and reporting in such a way that both the players  and staff member are not at risk and compliance is met.

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