Club Safe recently held a very successful  Forum/Meet and Greet with the local Northern Gambling Help Services at The Salisbury North Football Club.

Over 40 staff from across the Northern metropolitan region took part in the forum which began with a presentation from Diana Flehan and Ryan Carr from RASA about encouraging staff to look after their own health and well-being.

Some great tips were shared about how to go about ensuring our Club industry staff look after themselves so that they are in a better position to help their patrons who may be struggling and are less likely to suffer from burn-out, resentment, being overtired and more likely to enjoy a balanced home and work life.


Following the presentation, staff had an opportunity to participate in a speed dating style workshop.

Representatives from Finders S Aboriginal Gambling Service, Overseas Chinese Association, OARS Community Transitions, RASA, Community Access and Services SA, Psychmed and PEACE Multicultural Services all had an opportunity to share information with staff at informal round table discussions for 10 minutes at each table.

It was wonderful to see and hear how staff engaged with services often running out of time before it was time for the service to move to the next table.

Thank you to Daniel from The Salisbury North Football Club for allowing us to hold the forum at the Club and to the catering staff for putting on an amazing spread

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